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Computer Service & Repair

We charge a professional standard rate of $ 120.00 per hour on site, or $100.00 in Store 
(in half hour increments).

Or find our flat fee for the most common problems:

Virus and Spyware Removal $199 In-Store | $249 On-Site

  • Troubleshoot and clean up your computer using our clean-up tools.
  • Update your anti-virus software, or else remove it and install something that works better.
  • Remove all viruses and spyware, and increase the overall speed.
  • Stop unwanted problems during startup, and stop unwanted programs from running in the background.
  • Update Windows to the most current service packs and security updates.

Sometimes the problem is your hardware, like when the computer won’t start at all. We will give you our best estimate for what it will cost to fix the problem versus getting a new computer. We’ll help you get that too if you need it.

Optional: We can backup your computer a number of ways. Add $100 per computer for this service.

Wireless Networking $149 On-Site
  • Install and setup the wireless router, and connect 2 computers to the Internet.
  • Router will be secure and your personal information protected.
  • Repair your network and Internet connection if necessary.
We can also purchase a wireless router for you (additional charge).

New Computer Setup $149 On-Site
  • Setup your PC or Mac computer where you want it and get it connected to the Internet.
  • Remove unwanted software that comes with new computers.
  • Install any software your would like to use on your new computer.
  • Setup and install your printer, scanner, camera, and anything you might want to use!
  • Introduce you to your new computer and get you comfortable.
Optional: We can backup your computer a number of ways. Add $100 per computer for this service.

Email Setup $49 In-Store | $69 On-Site
  • Setup all your email accounts to your computer and/or your phone.
  • Repair or reconfigure and test your email account.

Backup and Recovery $149 In-Store | $199 On-Site
  • Copy your files from a non-working computer to an external hard drive.
  • Move your files over to a new computer and test working files.
  • Setup your computer to backup online, to another computer or other storage.

Hardware Installation $149 In-Store | $199 On-Site
  • Install an internal or external hardware device such as a hard drive, dvd writer, or printer.
  • Install all included software for the device and test it out.

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